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Top 3 Tips For Fall Maintenance for Your Heating System

Fredericksburg heating maintenanceAs we reach the peak of summer heat, it’s difficult to even imagine that cooler weather will ever be here. However, the truth of the matter is that it will be here before you know it and you’ll be making the transition from using the AC to using your heat.

Which is why now is the perfect time for some advice from a reputable air conditioning and heating company about how best to prep for this change. Getting proactive about preventative maintenance care for fall is the smart way to take good care of your system.

Otherwise, what will end up happening is that you’ll need to call this same company in order to get unexpected emergency repairs. Maintaining your HVAC system is always the better route to take, as well as the more affordable one.

Getting Your Heating & Air System Ready for Fall

While you’re busy anticipating cooler weather, leave color changing, and pumpkin spice everything, don’t forget and end up neglecting the care you need to invest into your heating system. The tops 3 things you can do for your system include:

  • Get heating maintenance and tune-up service. Ideally, you want to get tune-up inspections twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. This enables a professional to take a look at your system following a time of high use, right before a period of more high usage. The older your system is, the more important this is. However, even if your system is new it should be checked. Especially according to the maintenance schedule mandated by your warranty coverage.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of changing the filters. It’s one of the few HVAC tasks a homeowner truly can do themselves, and it’s not even expensive. However, it can make a world of difference for how well your system works. Your filter should be changed each month, especially during times of greater use. Failure to do so will restrict airflow and cause your HVAC to function poorly, if at all.
  • Adjust that thermostat or, even better, make the change to a programmable Smart Home one. More than likely, you’ve had your thermostat set at the same temperature all summer long. Yet, the evenings and morning are going to start to get cooler and then, eventually, the daily high will be considerably lower too. Get proactive about making adjustments accordingly. This saves your HVAC a great deal of unnecessary strain and also saves you money on your monthly energy costs.

Be a savvy homeowner and take good care of your heating and cooling system, so it can do the same for you. Call the pros at Affordable Air Conditioning & Heating LLC for your Fredericksburg air conditioning and heating contractor services, and take control of how your system performs.

If you are interested in getting more HVAC tips from local Fredericksburg air conditioning and heating experts, please call 540-220-6489 or complete our online request form.

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