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Furnace or Heat Pump: Which Is Right for Your Fredericksburg Home?

Fredericksburg-furnacesIf there's one thing we're HVAC experts on here in Virginia, it's the winter. With temperatures regularly cresting into the single digits and even lower, we have to stay well-equipped to fend off Old Man Winter when he starts breathing his chilly air down our necks once more.

And to do that requires picking the right heating installation for your Virginia home. For that, you have two big options to pick from: furnaces and heat pumps. But which one is best for your home?

Well, the answer to that can be found by learning the differences between furnaces and heat pumps. And if you don't know what those differences are, just read on, and we'll tell you some of the biggest pros and cons you can expect from these two heating devices:

Furnaces: Pros & Cons

A great choice in the winter months, a furnace will keep you and your family toasty throughout even the harshest Fredericksburg winters. But does that unbeatable warmth justify a furnace's shortcomings -- and are there enough other benefits to help you overlook those shortcomings? You be the judge:

Pros --

  • * Does not rely on outside air to generate warmth
  • * Requires little maintenance compared to heat pumps

Cons --

  • * Can diminish your home's indoor air quality
  • * Presents certain dangers such as CO poisoning and even explosions

Heat Pumps: Pros & Cons

Unlike furnaces, your heat pumps can be used every day of the year, thanks to their dual heating AND cooling design. However, if you're not wowed by conglomerated installations, you might not be particularly wowed by heat pumps as your primary heat source . . . Or maybe you will be. You tell us:

Pros --

  • * Is more energy efficient and, thus, more affordable to operate than a furnace
  • * Will prove to be far quieter than a furnace

Cons --

  • * Year-round usage necessitates more maintenance
  • * Cannot generate significant enough warmth during extreme colds

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