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Red Flags That Mean You Need Emergency AC Service

emergency ac service stafford vaEvery Stafford home or business owner dreads it, that moment when you realize your air conditioner just isn't working like it should be. Or, in some cases, you realize that it is not working at all. What people often get confused about is what exactly constitutes an emergency and what could be taken care of during a scheduled appointment during normal business hours.

After hours service often costs more, so you don't want to end up paying more for air conditioning repairs in Stafford than you should have to. Plus, you want to know if it is something you could handle in the morning, after going back to bed and getting some more sleep. While some of it is simply trusting your instinct, there are some telltale signs you need emergency AC service, and need it right away.

Warning Signs That Should Not Be Ignored

"Do I Need Emergency AC Service?"

You know your air conditioner, to some degree, yet not the same way an air conditioning services professional does. If you are not sure about whether or not you need emergency air conditioner repairs, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Noises are often a good indicator that something is wrong. Any change in the audible condition of your cooling system should be noted. However, loud noises like screeching or banging probably mean it is time to discontinue use and call on an emergency repair company.
  • If your system is cycling but you have little or no cool air as a result, it means that you are still going to be paying high operational costs but that you and your family will not have access to cool air. If it is not the peak of summer heat, you may be able to implement floor fans for the night and call for repairs the next day.

There are other telltale signs you need to call a professional for emergency AC services in Stafford, but your best bet is to contact our air conditioning and heating pros here at Affordable Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. We can help determine the level of severity in your repair needs and respond accordingly.

Do you need emergency AC service in Stafford, VA? Call 540-220-6489 now! To learn more about what classifies as emergency air conditioning repairs, complete our online request form.

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