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Top 5 Tips to Get Your Furnace Winter Ready

Fredericksburg furnace heating tune-upAs the temperatures start to cool, it’s the time that homeowners start to think about the holidays, gift-giving, and spending time with families. However, to be ready for all of that, you need to start thinking about getting your home ready for staying warm.

You can’t enjoy the holidays or host guests if your home isn’t warm enough. The system needs to be dependable, safe, and promote a healthy indoor environment.


That means getting a reliable heating and cooling company to work with to get the service you need. From heating tune-up and repairs to eventual replacement, it’s vital to get your furnace where it needs to be as fall turns to winter.


Protect Your System before This Winter Starts

Some tasks you can take care of on your own. Others, you’ll need a professional to partner with.

Either way, what you should take care of includes:

  • Test the Thermostat
  • Change Your Filters
  • Schedule Your Tune-up
  • Clean the Heat Exchanger
  • Test the Carbon Monoxide Detector

Before it’s even time to use your heating system full time, give it a test run. Make sure your thermostat is working and let the furnace run through a cycle.

This gives you the chance to burn off dust and anything else that tends to smell at first.

Plus, it enables you to make sure everything is working as it should.

This is a critical time to change your filters, a job you can DIY. This should be done monthly, especially during times of peak use, because a clogged filter can take down your furnace completely.

Fall and spring are the two times of year to schedule your tune-up service. It enables your HVAC professionals to take a look and make adjustments and repairs that will help your system run better.

Before your heating system has to work full time, clean off the exchanger so it can perform better. And, finally, check to make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working in order to play it safe and protect yourself and your loved ones.


What Are You Waiting For?

The sooner you get started, the better. Otherwise, before you know it, winter weather will be upon us, and you’ll be ill-prepared.

When it comes to finding a Fredericksburg heating and air conditioning company, choose Affordable Air Conditioning & Heating LLC, Inc. and call today.

Together, we’ll work on your system and keep your home comfortable all year long. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your furnace and the comfort of your household. Call now and set yourself up for winter-long success.

If you are interested in furnace heating tune-up or maintenance from local Fredericksburg air conditioning and heating professionals, please call 540-220-6489 or complete our online request form.

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